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Boreal Forest Rivers
Bathurst Inlet Lodge, Northwest Territories

Boreal forest rivers such as the Yellowknife, Snowdrift, Taltson, Cameron, or Beaulieu wind through spruce and birch country on the ancient rocks of the Canadian Shield, usually emptying into Great Slave Lake. Due to the thickness of the forest, these also involve the least amount of hiking. Good hiking is usually available on the rounded rocks along the lakes. Wildlife includes bald eagles, moose, wolves, foxes, lynx, black bears, loons, and many species of waterfowl.

Treeline Rivers
Bathurst Inlet Lodge, Northwest Territories

Treeline rivers usually begin south of the treeline, and wind through the taiga ("land of little sticks") into country that is predominantly tundra. These include the Coppermine, Horton, Anderson, and legendary Thelon River. The presence of eskers and tundra increases the potential for hiking on these rivers. The canoeing season on these rivers begins in late June, and extends through September.

Barrenland/Arctic Rivers
Bathurst Inlet Lodge, Northwest Territories

Barrenland/Arctic rivers begin and end north of the treeline, and flow through tundra, usually ending on the arctic coast. These include the Burnside, Mara, Hood, Ellice, Huikitak, the Back, and upper Thelon River.

Arctic Islands
Bathurst Inlet Lodge, Northwest Territories

Most distant of all are the rivers on the islands of the Arctic Archipelago. These are rivers for advanced canoeists who have explored the barrenlands thoroughly, as there are special considerations due to ice conditions, weather and access.

Escape to an Arctic Oasis
Bathurst Inlet Lodge, Northwest Territories

Come to a land beyond the reach of all roads, to a land that throbs with life during the brief northern summer. Man is dwarfed by this landscape. Huge diabase sills tower over the Inlet's dark waters; the deep gorges hold in their depths the mystery of prehistory, and the tundra stretches a thin green cape across the rocky skeleton of the land.  Privacy Policy